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Hello, my name is Libby. The end.
Not really, but it’s really hard to categorize me. During a job interview, someone asked me, “What are three words your friends would use to describe you.” Yah, let’s just say I didn’t really get a call back on that one.

So when people start a blog others wonder why/who cares what this random person is doing with her life out of the billions of other humans in the world including Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, and Rachael Ray (well this is a food/fitness blog so I figured I’d include a food star). I’m not Lindsay. But, considering how much I enjoy writing, people seemed to think it was odd that I didn’t yet have a blog since I like to submit articles to all my local newspapers (just hit 7 published!!!) and really enjoy yelping. And, I like to bake quite frequently as our neighbors would tell you. So I figured why not just document my cooking and baking? Even the failures. I really enjoy reading other blogs and making recipes. However, when I’m too hungry to hit the supermarket, I whip up my own little “concoctions.” This may mean some ingredient substitutions. These concoctions either turn out as the best thing I have ever made or completely inedible. Which is nice because I either have a super yummy new recipe that I end up replicating for about a month in a row or I brush off my hands and start anew.

These recipes seem to be metaphorical to my life. This year has brought the highest of highs and lowest of lows. So along with delicious recipes and fun fitness, I might just have to throw in a few crazy stories. So, as you can see, it’s difficult to categorize me. I study hard and allow academics to overwhelm me at times—but enjoy both intelligence based and performance activities. I am an ex-debater/current Model UNer (yep one of those talky people), but I also am an ex-gymnast, pageant chick (Yes, world peace would be nice), and a Turbokick obsessed fitness girl. The past year of my life has brought new challenges and yummy recipes and foods to go along with them. It’s difficult to know which point people would pick out to categorize me. But, what I know is true, is that a lot of people pick out the healthy eater portion. Vegetarian for 11 years—my mother would say this is an indication of my determination and willpower. But, unlike many, I love veggies and fruits. There are 0 veggies I dislike. Yep, you read that correctly. I don’t just like veggies, I LOVE them. Sometimes, surprisingly, this can get me in a little trouble.

So this blog will be full of concoctions—veggie and otherwise. It will be full of new food products—taste tests shall we call them. It will be full of fun fitness. And possibly realizations or stories—but not too much of the deep stuff.

So, that is a sufficient summary. I like putting the pen to paper or, in this new tech age, the keyboard to computer screen…yah maybe not exactly analogous. Anyway, that’s ME!

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