Thursday, November 15, 2012

T-Givin:Veg Style

Oh my goodness. It's almost the end of November. How time flies! Well the Turbokick instructors mentioned a special co-taught TKB class for Turkey day. Which reminded me that the day of giving thanks is near!

Oh Thanksgiving. Warming up with some Arctic Zero Peppermint Mochas, eating some delish tofu, and finishing it off with maple pumpkin puree. Where is the turkey you ask? Yah—veg head right here. The typical American always seems to have one complaint on Thanksgiving—“I’m so stuffed.” Let’s just say Thanksgiving isn’t really my holiday. Yes—I am a pumpkin lover, but I associate this more with Halloween. And no I don’t like turkey nor the fake tofu turkey. So I always find myself just having a normal dinner on Thanksgiving. However, I am always able to witness some odd Thanksgiving eating with our family. Apparently, no one in our family, veg or not, seems to care for turkey. I have witnessed the odd courses of lobster, pasta, and even some garlic bread. (One year we went Italian…). So this year I have a great plan in the making! I’m going to try a new Thanksgiving recipe. I am not sure exactly ideas would be greatly appreciated! But, whatever it is, I am going to make it a Thanksgiving staple. Finally have a Thanksgiving tradition. So, what is your favorite T-giving vegetarian dish or concoction that I should make? Pumpkin pie smoothie? Sweet potato super mash?
On another exciting note, I bought some 'Turkey' burgers to try from Whole Foods. This whole fake meat concept seems to be growing on me! Happy day from Friday for those who become enthused about the weekend!

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