Monday, November 12, 2012

My Favorite Things!

Channeling Mary Poppins....I think.
When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I do feel sad. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so baaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

So true! So for you…here are a list of my favorite things (mostly foodwise). Turn that frown upside down. Okay, enough clichés, and on to the list.

1. Favorite protein shake: EAS Advantage! This premixed protein shake is amazing and comes in four delish flavors.

Strawberry-Tastes like strawberry milk. Stick it in the freezer for a couple of minutes (even though they say not to!), and it tastes a tiny bit icy. Deliciousness.

Chocolate fudge-Chocolate milk with more than 4x the protein! Who can beat that?

Dark chocolate-Even better, darker chocolate. I have used this to make really thick protein hot chocolate in the cold weather. Fab!

Vanilla-This tastes like super duper sweet milk!

Café Caramel-The best flavor!!! It is like an absolutely delicious iced latte.

Sometimes I even add these instead of milk to certain recipes for an extra protein blast! I always feel hydrated and refreshed after drinking this. It quenches my sweet and thirst cravings all in one.

2. New snack obsession! Sensible Foods Roasted Edamame Crunch Dried Snacks. This reminds me so much of those snap pea crisps, but much crunchier! It also has a nice salty flavor and is great for that afternoon salt craving with nine grams of protein. Count it…nine! Obsession.

3. Soup: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Soup. So it is the pumpkin time of year, and I am stocking up on this creamy, hearty soup. This soup has two servings, and it was so delicious I ate both in one night!

4. Sauce: Soyaki! They have a delicious one at Trader Joe’s and also a very similar one at Whole Foods that are both great. I love to use this sauce on veggie stir fry or even as salad dressing. It is a hint of soy, a hint of pineapple, a hint of ginger, and a bunch of yummy in my tummyness.

5. Favorite ice cream: So this is an interesting one. I am not a big ice cream fan, but I really like the mix ins in the ice cream. So you know how you can never get that delicious cookie taste from an oreo as is in cookies and cream ice cream? Well, the same is true with the chocolate and fudge bits in Sunnyside Farms Bear Foot Brownie ice cream. The ice cream, honestly, is tasteless. But, it has the HUGEST ribbons of chocolate and these delicious fudge brownie bits. It is literally like a treasure hunt digging through the tasteless ice cream to find the creamy chocolate and fudgy bits.

          (couldn't find a picture of my fave flavor, but this is what the carton looks like!)

6. Favorite yogurt: Fage. Nothing else is the real Greek yogurt. I will not stand for debate on this. This is the absolutely thickest and most tasty Greek yogurt of the bunch. I will not buy the big tubs of anything else. Even the 0% is thick enough to satisfy my yogurt craving. And, there is so much you can do with it from pancakes, to breakfast, and even putting it in dinner foods. I also love making dips for it. I add my delicious dip mix, give it a stir, and grab my carrots.

7. The Bulk Bins: I am obsessed with the bulk bins. Anywhere I go, I can’t stay away. Whether it is candy, granola, jelly bellies, or chocolates, the bulk bins always catch me hook, line, and sinker. Whether it is the Sweet Factory or the premium bins at Whole Foods or Sprouts, I can never refuse the bulk bins!

8. Pasta Sauce: No, all pasta sauces are not the same. And this is the reason I am willing to shell out $7 for the good stuff! I am a HUGE squash fan. Actually just for lunch today I had a mix of spaghetti and butternut squash so I am addicted to Dave’s Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce. This sauce is so thick and creamy you can eat it on it’s own. Yes—I have tried. It could almost be a squash soup on its own. When heat it, you can taste the creamy squash with a hint of sweet and a tad of savory. But, it has a slightly varied taste when eating it cold! How interesting! Dave’s also makes other flavors, and I am dying to try their mushroom pasta sauce. This ain’t a regular tomato sauce with mushrooms! This high quality brand makes the actual brunt of the sauce from mushrooms. I have started to also see Dave’s at a wider variety of stores like Costco and Nob Hill—even on sale! But, that mushroom sauce has yet to be found. Surprisingly, I also really like the Clasico Pasta Sauce. It is cheap with a variety of flavors. Their Florentine Spinach and Cheese is excellent with numerous pieces of actual spinach scattered throughout the sauce. The Mushroom and Ripe Olives is also a yummy choice. I like that Clasico adds actual pieces of whatever they claim is in the sauce. Trader Joe’s also has a very creamy three cheese sauce that is delish. The variety of cheeses infuses it with taste, and it is a bit thicker than the regular sauce. With all the choices on the shelf, it can be difficult to know what is mediocre and the sauces that add that little extra touch to take your meal from good to de-freakin-lish!

9. Sugar Cookies Tea—Special editioooon for the holidays. Must stock up. Alas, this tea does not really taste like a sugar cookie. It seems to have a coconutty macaroon-like flavor, but with a bit of sugar it is delish.
10. Protein bar: Obsessed with Quest! They have the best flavors and when you microwave them...oh heavenly goodness! And 20 grams of protein...WOWZA. The pb and j is EVEN BETTER than a pb and j sandwich! You can taste the rich pb and sweet jelly melting in your mouth. The PB Supreme. PB pie status! The apple pie has little pieces of dried apple. But, nothing can beat the sweet cinnamon roll!
 Zone Perfect's Cookie Dough is a close second! There is never a moment when I can pass up cookie dough, but with 10 grams of protein, there is no reason to pass it up! I have only been able to find the chocolate chip which has that very sweet taste and even a similar texture as cookie dough. But, if I could find the PB, I may be the happiest person in the world. Why, oh why, don't they sell it anywhere?!!!!
Have a lovely day! It is very chilly here, but I warmed up with some Arctic Zero + EAS hot chocolate! Tehehehhe.

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