Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Is a Concoction?

Well, it’s basically combining a bunch of random stuff that tastes good together to make something that tastes unhumanly sinful. I would refer to myself as a concoction artist. While I do like finding recipes online, it is very frequently that I actually end up following these recipes either because I don’t have all the ingredients in my kitchen or because I just don’t feel like it. Concocting is much more evil fun! Mwahahha. Not really evil.

Concoction #1
 Rasberry goop. This was my first attempt at a protein omelet, but I made this deliciousness instead. I ended up using about a fourth cup of egg whites, some crushed up fresh rasberries,  a teensy tiny bit of protein powder, and the a large tablespoon of greek yogurt. “Oh..I’m sure this will turn out as a protein pancake” I thought. Thus, it didn’t. It turned into something so much better! This actually did not taste like am omelet. The rasberries and greek yogurt sweetened it so much that is became very dessert-like! When I first started cooking it in the pan and I thought it was omelet flipping time, the darn thing would not stay together. So, I gave in and just started scrambling. I ended up with this thick raspberry dessert concoction. It was probably the greek yogurt? It actually does not taste eggy at all, but rather somewhat of a rich and filling taste. I give this concoction an A+. I also decided to enjoy it with some more greek yogurt on top! Heavenly. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this baby because I was just so excited to eat, but next time I make it, I will surely update with pictures.)

Concoction #2

                                                              Concoction Ingredients!

Sometimes, concoctions just involve mixing some good stuff together and hoping it tastes even better. This was my attempt when I decided to mix nuked chocolate peanut Arctic Zero, Reese’s puffs cereal, and PB2. If you have never tried Reese’s Puffs cereal, you are missing out. These little peanut buttery balls of goodness are coated in this heavenly, thin layer of pb. Yum. This recipe was a success. By itself, nuked Arctic Zero tastes like the thickest hot chocolate in the world. But, add a little PB2 and you’re getting to dreamland level. Add my favorite cereal, Reese’s Puffs, and you’ve got yourself a winner! Just a warning, if you leave the Reese’s in the concoction too long, they start to get a little soggy L. So, eat it quick!
More concoction, and I promise pictures, to come! 

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