Monday, November 5, 2012

The Most Satisfying Breakfast in the World (hint: It involves pumpkin!)

                                       The delish yogurt with a swirl of whip in the middle!

Trader Joe’s does it again! So for some reason I seem to have a sweet tooth in the morning. Yes, I do crave ice cream at like 6:30 AM when I wake up. This means that it is time to concoct. I had some leftover Trader Joe’s pumpkin yogurt sitting in my fridge this morning. It’s a pretty big carton at a good 8 oz. I am always in the mood for some sweet pumpkin. And then I saw it sitting on the top shelf of the fridge—my fave Fat Free Reddi Whip! I am obsessed with this stuff. I literally spray its pillowy, sweet goodness directly into my mouth. So my mind starting working Greek pumpkin froyo + Reddi whip=pumpkin pie. Oh and my geezers it basically was! This is legitimately the closest tasting thing to pumpkin pie I have had in my life. It reminds me more of pumpkin pie than actual pumpkin puree alone! The Greek yogurt is nice and thick simulating a very creamy, hearty pie inside and the whip adds a touch of sweetness almost simulating a taste of a buttery crust (as odd as that sounds). You could also add granola or cereal, and I am certain that would be an even closer approximation. Maybe something like gold grahams would simulate a crust? Actually…pumpkin pie in a graham cracker crust isn’t typical, but should be noted for a future baking project because it would certainly be good!


1 carton TJ’s Pumpkin Greek Yogurt

1 bottle Fat Free Reddi Whip

1 handful granola or cereal (if desired)

Pictures of this crazy deliciousness below.


I actually feel like I had dessert for breakfast…crazy upside down days! I was tempted to stick some maple syrup in it, but my bottle was empty to the last drop.

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