Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nuts for nuts—well malt balls more specifically

So after seeing pumpkin spiced malt balls at my local Sprouts, I decided to do some other research to see what other flavors are available. As a bin addict, I always through in a couple of delicious malt balls for good measure. There is nothing like biting into one of these treats with its smooth, usually chocolately outside, and sweet crunchy malt inside.

                                              Can't forget the most well known brand!

Between my various supermarkets and candy stores, I have seen a pretty extensive malt ball flavor list.

1. Regular malt balls (chocolate outside and malty goodness inside)—These are the classic.

2. Peanut butter chocolate malt balls (chocolate outside with a layer of peanut butter and then malty inside)—These are usually ginormous due to the double layered goodness!

3. Peanut butter malt balls (pb outside and chocolate inside)—Just plain ahmmmazing.

4. Mint malt balls (these have a mint cookie like outside and malted inside…almost like mint chocolate chip ice cream)

5. Dark chocolate malt balls---Self explanatory.

6. White chocolate malt balls---Just sooooo good when you’re in white chocolate mood!

7. Ultimate malted milk balls—This is basically like a marbled one coated with white, dark, and milk chocolate. The grand supreme king of malt balls!

8. Cookies and cream malt balls-This reminds me so much of a cookie dough malt or cookie dough ice cream. You can distinctly taste the white chocolate and cookie like pieces in it. This may even beat out my love for pb malt balls!

9. Espresso malt balls-Coffee and malt, what can be better than that?

10. Blueberry malt balls-This taste like the outside layer on those colored chocolate covered blueberries, but, of course, with a malted inside. For when you’re feeling fruity! I said fruity, not necessarily healthy.

11. Speckled robin eggs-These are so good! The outside is almost crunchy instead of being a soft, creamy layer.

Now this is where my knowledge stops and research starts. I happened upon this great website with some of the best looking malt ball flavors. I typed in malt balls and was absolutely shocked at all the options: AND

Peppermint—Not a big peppermint fan, but this is an interesting flavor.

ICE CREAM SUNDAE MALT BALLS-Must find, must find!

Yogurt malted milk balls-This sounds very delicious as well. I think the yogurt covering and malt would create a very melty, creamy, and complimentary flavor.

Maple malted milk balls-I love maple! This sounds heavenly. It looks like it still has a chocolate outside coating though so I’m not sure how the maple flavor plays in?

Cinnamon malt balls-Like peppermint, not a big cinnamon fan. Although the flavors could be interesting contrasts with the malt inside and spicier outside?

Coconut malt balls-I can’t even imagine.

Egg nog-Wow.

Key lime-Tangy and tart with the malted inside…interesting!


Hmmm. All this malt ballin got me thinking. If I bought the malted inside, could I really make my own by dipping them in anything? Butterscotch malt balls coming up?

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