Saturday, November 3, 2012

SUPER Protein Pancake--40+ grams!

Shouts of glee! I finally succeeded in making my first protein pancake. But, when I commit, I go overboard. So not only did I make a regular protein pancake, I made a SUPER protein pancake.
                    Look at this beauty in the pan! So nice and thick--almost perfectly browned.

I decided to add my RTD 51 chocolate peanut  butter protein shake, which failed in taste on its own due to the artificial flavor, to add some peanut buttery deliciousness to my pancake! And, it worked fabulously creating a thick and golden brown protein pancake. Not only did I add this extra, but I also created maple protein frosting! Here is how to make this super special protein pancake!


Choc PB Protein Pancake

1 Scoop Protein Powder (I used a packet of Tara’s Whey)

Approx. ¼ cup egg whites

About ½ cup of choc peanut butter protein shake (or really any flavor). I used this instead of milk or flavoring. This is in liquid form.

A pinch of baking powder

Some cinnamon if desired

I whisk it all together and pop it in the pan on the stove. Then, when it starts to bubble and the other bottom side is brown, flip it. Cook through and then it’s time for your frosting

Maple Protein Frosting

½ cup maple syrup (or as much as desired)

½ packet protein powder
                                                              It was super duper sweet!

Mix these two really well. Pop the mixture in the microwave and let it go until it begins to bubble or is nice and hot. Pour it on your pancake.

This was absolutely delicious. These flavors created such a perfect compliment, and I was shocked at how hearty my pancake was. This meal has about a grand total of almost 40 grams of protein. WOWZA! It came out nice and crispy also. I will be having yet another for dinner tonight—perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth! Maybe I’ll add some strawberries next time and extra vanilla liquid protein shake. Hmmm…Or even thicken it with Greek Yogurt? Or....add the maple to the actual pancake. The possibilities are endless!

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