Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hip Dips--A La Protein

I am a dipping machine. As of lately, I have been craving some good dips. I really enjoy dipping crunchy carrots into anything remotely creamy, spicy, or beany. Yep—I do enjoy my hummus. Well, I had some dip packs sitting in the cabinet. These are basically just expensive spices that you are SUPPOSED to mix with sour cream. Ewwwww. I, personally, am a cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream hater. So, I much prefer whipping out the Fage to make a perfectly delectable, protein filled dip. I had some dill, tomato pesto, and even raspberry white chocolate dip mixes sitting in my cupboard from a fair. Now, the secret to thickening up these delish dips is letting them sit in the fridge overnight! If you eat then right away, they basically taste like seasoned Greek yogurt. However, let them sit and you will have a thick little treat for your carrots, cucumbers, or even pita chips. Or if you are a Trader Joe’s fan—try the lavash chips. This dip will leave you sans salt or savory craving and 20 grams of protein richer if you eat the entire eight ounces (which yes I always do!). The perfect on the go snackeroo.
                                                            Here it is in all its delishnish!

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