Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So That's What a Fig Tastes Like

After 19 years of my life, I finally tried a fig. As a fruit fanatic, I have tried a pretty wide variety of fruits. I am always looking for more tropical fruits whenever I travel. That is how I discovered on of my favorite fruits, the cherimoya. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. It is almost like a mix of a pineapple, banana, and mango with almost a pudding consistency. A friend said it tasted like “one of those pineapple gummy bears.”
                   I could really use a Cherimoya right now, but they have such a short season!

But, back to figs. Another new realization after 19 years is that we have a fig tree in our backyard. Go figure. I went to pick up some produce from someone’s house a couple weeks ago (long story), and I was lucky enough for them to offer me a backyard tasting tour. Now, a usual backyard tasting would consist of a couple oranges—whoop de doo. But, this backyard garden was the king of them all! The entire backyard was absolutely covered in tomato vines and miscellaneous fruit. I was enjoying the tomato tasting, and they asked if I wanted a fig. I had previously never really thought of trying figs, but they did their job convincing me of their deliciousness. Hesitantly, I bit it…and holy mackerel! This was soooo sweet. I legitimately bought figs during my next grocery store trip. But, they were not even half as sweet or rich as fresh off the tree.
                                                      Just a few of the many tomato plants....

When I learned we had a fig tree, I was super excited. However, it is a tough battle with the squirrels who are winning. Squirrels-100000 Me-1. I have eaten one good fig off our tree. If you pick them even one day too early, they are hardly sweet nor soft enough. I keep waiting just one more day for them to ripen. But, I will return the following morning to find no ripe figs. Zilcho, nunca, nada. I can’t even find any purple ones. Those fig stealing squirrels. Moral of the story, I am now sad because we have those sweet, delicious figs fresh off the tree, but the first choice always goes to the pesky squirrels (that I used to think were cute).


           ME                        VS.           

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