Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Arctic Zero--The Myth No Longer

Everyone who knows me surely is aware of exactly how obsessed I am with trying the newest food products. I jumped on the Arctic Zero bandwagon long ago, but many of the flavors seemed to be elusive.

Well, I can finally share with you that I have tried every single flavor! After combing all the grocery stores in my area, I can truly say that I am an Arctic Zero expert. What is Arctic Zero, you ask? It is a whey protein ice cream. Cue “ewww” noises. No, it’s really yummy! Now, I will first take you through the art of enjoying Arctic Zero.

Let’s start with my favorite flavors and the best ways to enjoy them:

Vanilla Maple: This flavor has an absolutely delicious vanilla flavor with the slightest hint of maple. It is honestly good as it is. But, give it a couple minutes to reach a soft and creamy consistency because it can be a bit hard out of the freezer. Now, a creative way I like to enjoy this flavor (and a couple of others) is by nuking it in the microwave. When I say nuke, I mean nuke. You put this in the microwave until it bubbles up. It tastes almost exactly like marshmallow fluff. So delicious. But, be careful that the container has enough space because it will REALLY bubble. I have had a few Arctic Zero explosions in my microwave. I also made a delicious strawberry smoothie with this flavor by adding fresh strawberries. It actually tasted pretty thick and sweet.

Chocolate Peanut: The same as above. Except, when you nuke it, it tastes like the thickest, creamiest, most indulgent hot chocolate you have ever tasted. Even better, it is much more nutritious! The chocolate peanut has a very slight hint of peanut as well. Don’t be expecting full on peanut butter because you won’t get it.

Coffee: This reminds me EXACTLY of a Freddo from Peet’s Coffee. To a T! I have yet to explore with this flavor, but I feel like it could create some really yummy concoctions

Chocolate Mint: This is actually decently minty. It creates a very interesting hot chocolate.

And finally….pumpkin! I looked everywhere for this, and my local Sprouts finally special ordered it JUST for me. They actually said they were going to put it on shelves, but not until after early November. I thought this was really odd considering pumpkin is more for Halloween than Thanksgiving. But, whatever floats their boat. This has such a strong pumpkin taste!!!! Nuke this and it tastes like pumpkin whipped cream. Oh m gee…put it on top of your pumpkin pie and life will never be the same. It also has somewhat of a homey cinnamon flavor to it. I also tried nuking it together with Arctic Zero chocolate, but it totally overpowered the chocolate flavor (lol). So, as shown, pumpkin apparently takes the win like always!

                                          Proof--Look at it sitting there all perfectly in the freezer.

Anyway, I was so happy to get my hands on any flavor. Some supermarkets have finally started to carry more flavors which makes me so happy. I also saw an Arctic Zero sale!!! YAY so I stocked up!

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