Monday, October 29, 2012

A Treasure Hunt--For Food

So, after reading a couple of other great fitness/health/food blogs, I compiled what I am bursting to try! I always end up going to multiple grocery stores on these searches. Usually one store will end up having a couple of the flavors, but not the one I am most excited about!

1. I am absolutely obsessed with Zone Perfect Cookie Dough. I accidently stumbled upon this fantastical deliciousness at my local Nob Hill. It is basically cookie dough with 10 grams of protein. Who can refuse? Well, I was doing a bit of internet browsing and, unfortunately, I found out they have a peanut butter cookie dough flavor. I say “unfortunately” because I am certain I will never be able to find it, and the flavor will now be in my dreams. The chocolate chip is so good though and tastes exactly like cookie dough.

2. About Time Protein Powder—Birthday Cake Flavor. O m gee. I have heard so many good things about this product, but they don’t sell in a store remotely in my area. This means it’s ordering online time! They have some other interesting flavors as well that I must try. But, Birthday Cake is first on the list!

3. I’ve been making protein pumpkin omelets and been meaning to try to make some protein frosting. This is not really an actual product more as a reminder to myself to go buy some more protein powder to mix with maple syrup. This should be heavenly!

4. Better Whey of Life—Whey protein yogurt? Hmmm…should be an interesting try. Oddly enough, some Greek Yogurt brands seems to have more protein than this, but I really still want to try it!

I did find one product that I already tried! RTD 51 Peanut Butter Cup protein shake. This was a pre mixed shake and as soon as I saw the phrase “peanut butter cup,” I was hooked. I got this shake at the Vitamin Shoppe for count it $4! Holy mackerel. If I actually like these, I need find another place to buy them. Well, I tried the shake yesterday. It is very sweet. You can definitely taste peanut butter in it, and I do have the slight recollection of eating a peanut butter cup. My taste buds did notice a strong artificial flavor which was slightly disappointing. I know they had a cookies and cream flavor for this brand, but the artificial flavor is enough that I’m going to try another brand.
                                                           Look at this huge sucker!

Well, off to go drive 45-50 miles. Talleyhoe!

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